16 Incredibly Interesting Podcasts To Get Lost In While You Work Out

We polled the staff of The Verge to find out what what they are listening to during working hours, be it a podcast, an album, a favorite musician, a music genre, whatever. Happier with Gretchen Rubin provides advice on how to keep up good habits and manifest more happiness in your life; Resulting in a happier life. In Still Processing, New York Times writers, Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris spend an hour every week having though conversations with an optimistic angle.

What remains to be debated is whether or not podcasts can increase productivity during work. The most important thing you need to identify first is what kind of task/job you have because this will determine whether you’ll be able to listen to podcasts at all. Podcasts will inherently engage your brain, so another part to consider is just getting used to listening to podcasts and using your extra brain stimulation to bolster your performance. Podcasts are distracting, and it’s the same idea as to why you wouldn’t watch TV while you work, even though podcasts require a lot less visual stimulation. A lot of people falsely believe that they can maintain focus while they listen to a source of entertainment.

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If you throw on this podcast while you’re working on a task, you’ll be sure to feel more motivated and confident in your ability to complete it. If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if civilization collapsed or if Alexander the Great was as bad as Hitler, Hardcore History is for you. Some episodes can get extremely long, and may take up over half your workday. However, you’ll definitely come out of the experience having learned something new. Have you ever wondered how the inner workings of the Imperial Army or the Rebel Alliance actually functioned? If you’re the type to pick apart the vastness of fictional universes, make sure to add Plumbing the Death Star to your podcast list.

If you’re looking for practical career advice and down-to-earth conversations, this one is a must. Sure, it comes with plenty of perks, like no more commute, the ability to work in sweatpants, and to be a little more flexible with personal time. The exclusive SMS discount code cannot be used on already discounted items. Orders outside of the contiguous US, including Alaska & Hawaii will be charged $8 for shipping. The James Beard and Webby Award winning podcast “The Sporkful” is for eaters, not foodies.

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I’ve compiled a list below of my favorite podcasts that I listen to while I work, in no particular order. Affirmations are a good way to block out background noise all while motivating yourself, and Affirmation Pod with Josie Ong is a solid contender. Each episode features a loop of affirmations for different needs — workout inspiration, confidence boosts, or before a big meeting.

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An oldie but goodie, “The Anthropocene Reviewed” is still beloved. Author John Green rated human activities and different parts of our world out of 5 stars in episodes. Tune in to hear Green tackle plagues, sports rivalries, an orbital sunrise, gingko biloba, mortification and civilization, the notes app, velociraptors, and more in over 30 episodes.

Incredibly Interesting Podcasts To Get Lost In While You Work Out

Speaking of music helping you focus, NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert is probably one of the best options for “podcasts” to listen to while working. The series features artists singing live, stripped down, and calming versions of their best songs. The artists talk a little about their works and why they chose to perform them https://remotemode.net/blog/8-remote-work-podcasts-to-check-out-if-you-wfh/ and then immediately go into acoustic versions of the songs. Adele, Hozier, Chance the Rapper — you think of your favorite artist and it’s more than likely that they’ve made an appearance on the show. If you consider the different things people do to concentrate during the day, it all makes a little more sense.

Is it OK to listen to podcasts in bed?

All the experts I spoke to said that listening to podcasts to help you sleep wasn't ultimately harmful, but they recommended being cautious about it, not overdoing it, and making sure you've checked off other areas of sleep hygiene as well if you're having ongoing sleep issues: no caffeine and alcohol before bed, limit …

Ask your trainers if it’s OK to laugh with tears during the training. This podcast is the best standup show, served up fresh every day by Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher. They bring up new sets from all your favorite comics in front of a live UCB audience. Join in if you want to get funny stories about everything, such as toilet mice or The Madonna. Tune in once, and it will become one of your favorite podcasts to listen to while working out.