As immigration lawyers, we know dealing with the Citizenship  and Immigration Canada office can be overwhelming and stressful. We can minimize the stress by providing you with personalized care surrounding your sponsorship and/or invitation application(s), at affordable rates. We are specializing in preparing all immigration related letters and answering any questions you have along the way.

With multiple years of practical experience with Canadian immigration-specific legislation and procedures, Babra Law Office has the knowledge and experience to handle all your immigration law needs. Having worked with Citizenship and Immigration Canada in multiple roles and several offices worldwide, including within Canada, our immigration staff will handle your immigration law needs in a professional, efficient, and respectful manner.

The decision to move to a new country is a difficult one, and the immigration law process can be confusing, long, and complicated. These processes are made more difficult when your first language is not English. Having worked in the system, our staff understands the specifics of all types of immigration applications and recognize that you may need a little extra help in making sense of the language surrounding the immigration process. We want you to be well represented and give you the chance to fully understand the process.


Immigration Law Services

Babra Law Office provides a full range of immigration-specific services for clients seeking Canadian visas, permits, and citizenship. We are well-informed on the latest changes in Canadian immigration law, and are able to assist our clients in understanding their options, and choosing the best one to suit their immigration needs. We can assist with:

  • Invitation letter
  • Sponsorship letter
  • Detention review

Getting Immigration Law Help you Need

Use Babra Law Office and experience exceptional service and results. Our immigration lawyers are located in Mississauga, Ontartio. Call Babra Law Office today at (905) 565-6010 or email us at


*In accordance with current Citizenship and Immigration Canada wait times (i.e., we cannot control the actual Canadian government processing times)